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 Benefits and Rewards for Recruiting

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PostSubject: Benefits and Rewards for Recruiting   Wed May 02, 2012 6:19 am

One role we give to every one of our members, and encourage very much to do, is recruit. Recruiting other Troopers into the guild can be very beneficial to you. To sign an interested Trooper up simply specify our website: and ask them to click on the Recruitment page. From here, ask the Trooper to fill in the Sign-up Form and that's all there is to it. Particular Troopers within the guild may also be at the appropriate rank to physically accept them into the guild after approval of the Sign-up Form. This can be done by selecting the chat menu and typing in: /ginvite [character's name].

So what are the benefits of recruiting? Well, here is a list of rewards and benefits for recruiting other players:

>Recruitment Medal

Recruit just three Troopers and you will receive a Recruitment medal to go on your profile. There are other Recruitment medals available for recruiting more Troopers in the guild also.

>Squad Establishment

You could start up your own personal squad with just three members. Design your own logo and name to receive extra Credits from us and, of course, having your badge alocated onto your (and the other Troopers in your squad) profile.

>Guild Expansion

The more Troopers, the bigger the army and Republic force! When we have more and more Troopers aboard, we can unlock many NEW features such as attaching a Jedi battalion and huge invasions against other guilds.
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Benefits and Rewards for Recruiting
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